Some (really good) reasons to visit Evergreen Brickworks


There are a lot of reasons why we really, really like the Evergreen Brickworks.  There are activities and events to celebrate the seasons, and other things you can count on year round.  You can :

1.  feel like you’re in the country when you haven’t left the city

2.  bring your dog.  Dogs are welcome (to most areas), and even have their own fenced in, leash-free run

3.  hear crickets, see turtles and catch frogs

4.  skate on the rink with skates borrowed from the “skate library”

5.  buy heirloom tomato plants with names like “Sweet Baby Girl” and “Mortgage Lifter”

6.  use their tools (and get advice from people who know how) to fix your bicycle


7.  learn to cook : at kids and adult classes and workshops

8.  get there very easily : by bike, by foot, by free shuttle from Broadview station..


9.   enjoy pizza, hot from the outdoor pizza oven

10. hear great music from live performers

11. have brunch in the cafe


12. climb to the top of the lookout hill for an awesome view of the skyline

13. try your hand at creating some pottery

14. smell the woodsmoke from the chimney court

15. hike the trails and see local wildlife


16. shop for great food from the farmers’ market

17. take a guided tour on the history or the nature of the area

What’s your favourite reason for visiting Evergreen Brickworks?

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