When I travel to a new place, I want to find out what the locals like about their city:  quirky neighbourhoods, interesting views that aren’t in the guidebook, more authentic experiences.  And Toronto is full of those.  The type of things I’ll share in my blog are my own personal discoveries.  Maybe you already know about them, maybe you don’t.  Maybe there’s food involved, maybe not.  Maybe there’s an admission fee or maybe it’s just a new view from a familiar place.  I came upon some of these experiences by just looking for somewhere level to push a stroller or an open space to walk the dog.

I’m a single parent with a mortgage, a big dog and a full time job. I began my career in travel and tourism more than 25 years ago. My goal in launching this blog was to inspire myself and to encourage others to share in my curiosity and appreciation for what Toronto has to offer.  And hopefully others will share their own discoveries, and join me in my exploration and observations, as a local tourist and ambassador for my city.

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